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Custom Every Part


Each country uses different voltage. Our regulation expert along with our team of engineers implent appropriate voltage for your specific needs.
Ordianry voltage Tomax Lighting offer include:
  • 110V
  • 220V
  • 270V
Custom Your Lighting


You can custom the material of the light according to your market needs.
Ordianry material Tomax Lighting offer include:

*Brass  *Iron *Zinc *Stainless Steel

*Aluminum       *Glass        *Acrylic

Custom Your Lighting

Finish Color

Colors can help add to a light’s character and the room atmosphere, you can custom finish color on your lights for specific visual effect.
Custom Your Lighting

Lamp Base

Each lighting fixture may use different lamp base to better meet local regulation or lighting performance.
Ordianry material Tomax Lighting offer include:

*E27     *E14    *G9     *G4     *LED

Custom Your Lighting

Bulb Quantity

Custom the number of light bulbs and have new designs.
Custom Your Lighting

About Us

The best things we can do

Established in 2012, TOMAX Lighting is a brand of Tomax Corporation Limited, which is a leading decorative lighting fixture manufacturer based in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Tomax’s 8,000 m² production facility is located in Vietnam. Currently more than 50 employees are employed, including 3 lighting engineers and 10 after-sales support to provide best lighting designs and service to our clients around the world.

Products 96%
Projects 90%
Engineering 98%
Marketing 93%

Perfect Surface Finish

Extremely smooth finish surface helps to make your lighting fixtures to stand out and add character to your place.

Metal Parts

Metal parts are essential in improving lighting performance.

Certified Electric Parts

All electric parts used at FantaLite are certified in accordance with your country’s regulations.

100% Quality Assurance

All TOMAX lighting go through standardized quality control system and packed with clear and strict instructions.

Guaranteed Safety
All electronic parts in our lighting are certified to guarantee safety. Special certifications can be demanded on request for your specific market.
Unmatched Service

All queries will be answered within 24 hours, all complaints will be handled within 72 hours.

Product Development
Our team of engineers constantly develop the structure of lighting to improve performance and reduce the costs.
Full Customization

From voltage, light source to material and surface finish, you can custom your own perfect lighting.

Innovative Designs

Our designers create more than 10 unique lighting designs each month.


The team of adventurous and creative specialists in Light development.

  • Finally! After years of painstaking,exhausting,expensive research and testing...We have found Tomax Lighting that's more than good enough to put our trusted reputation on.
  • I have to say that Tomax Lighting really offers a wide range of lighting choices.So I can find the exact ones that fit my market & customers's needs.And their strict quality control frees me from many unnecessary worries.
    John SmithDESIGNER
  • The designs of Tomax's Products are really simple,nice and eye-pleasing.Many of my customers speak highly of the lights.Besides,the package is so perfect that all the lights arrive safe & sound.
  • Tomax Lighting is really a great partner! They not only supply me with excellent products but also many lighting ideas.Happy to work with them!

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