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Inspection Process

Parts Inspection

At TOMAX Lighting, all parts are inspected by our experienced Quality Control team to make sure of the quality. Our inspection includes:

  • Bend Angle
  • Shape
  • Length
  • Surface Finish / Scratch

Whole Product Inspection

After assembly, the complete light will be inspected in accordance with the product specs and blueprint. These include:

  • Circuit Board
  • Connector
  • Voltage Range
  • Bulb Base

Performance Test

All lights from TOMAX Lighting will be turned and stay on for 4 hours to test stability of voltage and lighting performance.


Packing Inspection

This is the final step of Tomax Lighting’s inspection process before shipping. The following will be assured:

  • No shaking inside packaging
  • Lights containing fragile parts should be covered in pearl cotton and
  • Custom EPS foam container
  • Lights with a special shape will be stabled and packed in plywood crate.

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